Glamping Ideas

Although there are some truly stunning places which exist across the globe, enjoying is very much dependant on what you end up staying in.

Whether it’s a beach side vacation rental, a villa in Europe, or a five star hotel, where you sleep is as much part of the holiday as the location.

With that in mind we’ve put together a list of some of the more unusual places that you can spend the night. To narrow it down a little the following list is going to focus on glamping (glamorous camping) which targets the luxury end of the market.

With a growing demand worldwide the idea is to offer the facilities and comfort that you’d expect from a hotel, while retaining the earthy outdoors feel that you would get from traditional camping. There are a huge number of quirky but very luxurious forms of accommodation out there for you to enjoy, and if you like them that much then you can always buy one to set up when you get back home!

So here’s a quick overview of some glamping ideas to get you started. With such a diverse range of architectural styles from across the globe you may have to travel quite a distance to reach them, but they’ll certainly be worth it!

Shepherds Huts

These quirky homes on wheels are a popular favorite in the UK, although seem to be growing in popularity in Australia too. Originally these huts would have been used in centuries past for shepherds to keep watch over their flocks and move around the fields with ease. Today these humble constructions have been fully upgraded to the 21st century and offer a luxury accommodation for couples – all in the beautiful countryside settings where they would have originally been used. If you fancy heading to the UK then check out these selection of gorgeous huts from Canopy and Stars.


For those of you who don’t mind something more basic then there is always the option of a camping pod. These wooden arched structures offer a definite step up from traditional camping under canvas, but these often empty shells can offer campers some protection against the worst of the weather. Depending on where you rent however some have been transformed into luxury pod rooms for you to stay in. Almost exclusively based in the UK, they’re growing in popularity amongst campsites and people are even looking for camping pods for sale to use in their own gardens as studios and offices!

Vintage Trailers

If you are looking to stay in something which is truly iconic, then why not head to the US and stay in an airstream trailer? Originally dating back to the 1930’s these ‘silver bullets’ can be rented out in a wide variety of locations. Some airstreams are rented out in a fixed position, but others are still very much mobile, so why not hit the road and travel across the states in style? If you want some inspiration just check out this airstream based in Denver, Colorado.

Safari Lodges

As you would most likely expect the best place for a safari tent would naturally be in the African plains. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch to that then there are plenty of locations across the globe which offer them. The safari tents remain a firm favourite by allowing guests to remain under canvas, while offering all of the facilities of a luxury vacation rental. There are hundreds of providers offering them, so have a look through glamping hub for some ideas of where to travel to.


Particularly popular in Canada these ‘geodesic‘ domes look like a hollowed out golf ball, but offer the most amazing accommodation. With one side a complete window any guests staying can easily look out onto the stunning natural landscapes of the Canadian wilderness. There are even a range of websites where you can build your own! If you want to see what you could stay in then just have a look at this dome from Ridgeback Lodge in New Brunswick.


Originally from central Asia, the yurt has been used for over 3,000 years as a home nomadic people. The distinctive shape is constructed from a framework of bent timbers covered with fabric. However, across Europe and the US, large numbers of camp-sites now offer these as luxury accommodation. Often these are furnished to a super high spec with extra comfortable double beds and a stove in the centre to keep warm in winter.

If you’re looking for some general inspiration for your next glamping adventure then we would highly recommend searching through which offers a huge number of different glamping rentals from around the globe.

Cropped, resized image | Credit to Chris Feser | cc