Glamping Ideas

Although there are some truly stunning places which exist across the globe, enjoying is very much dependant on what you end up staying in.

Whether it’s a beach side vacation rental, a villa in Europe, or a five star hotel, where you sleep is as much part of the holiday as the location.

With that in mind we’ve put together a list of some of the more unusual places that you can spend the night. To narrow it down a little the following list is going to focus on glamping (glamorous camping) which targets the luxury end of the market.

With a growing demand worldwide the idea is to offer the facilities and comfort that you’d expect from a hotel, while retaining the earthy outdoors feel that you would get from traditional camping. There are a huge number of quirky but very luxurious forms of accommodation out there for you to enjoy, and if you like them that much then you can always buy one to set up when you get back home!

So here’s a quick overview of some glamping ideas to get you started. With such a diverse range of architectural styles from across the globe you may have to travel quite a distance to reach them, but they’ll certainly be worth it!

Shepherds Huts

These quirky homes on wheels are a popular favorite in the UK, although seem to be growing in popularity in Australia too. Originally these huts would have been used in centuries past for shepherds to keep watch over their flocks and move around the fields with ease. Today these humble constructions have been fully upgraded to the 21st century and offer a luxury accommodation for couples – all in the beautiful countryside settings where they would have originally been used. If you fancy heading to the UK then check out these selection of gorgeous huts from Canopy and Stars.


For those of you who don’t mind something more basic then there is always the option of a camping pod. These wooden arched structures offer a definite step up from traditional camping under canvas, but these often empty shells can offer campers some protection against the worst of the weather. Depending on where you rent however some have been transformed into luxury pod rooms for you to stay in. Almost exclusively based in the UK, they’re growing in popularity amongst campsites and people are even looking for camping pods for sale to use in their own gardens as studios and offices!

Vintage Trailers

If you are looking to stay in something which is truly iconic, then why not head to the US and stay in an airstream trailer? Originally dating back to the 1930’s these ‘silver bullets’ can be rented out in a wide variety of locations. Some airstreams are rented out in a fixed position, but others are still very much mobile, so why not hit the road and travel across the states in style? If you want some inspiration just check out this airstream based in Denver, Colorado.

Safari Lodges

As you would most likely expect the best place for a safari tent would naturally be in the African plains. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch to that then there are plenty of locations across the globe which offer them. The safari tents remain a firm favourite by allowing guests to remain under canvas, while offering all of the facilities of a luxury vacation rental. There are hundreds of providers offering them, so have a look through glamping hub for some ideas of where to travel to.


Particularly popular in Canada these ‘geodesic‘ domes look like a hollowed out golf ball, but offer the most amazing accommodation. With one side a complete window any guests staying can easily look out onto the stunning natural landscapes of the Canadian wilderness. There are even a range of websites where you can build your own! If you want to see what you could stay in then just have a look at this dome from Ridgeback Lodge in New Brunswick.


Originally from central Asia, the yurt has been used for over 3,000 years as a home nomadic people. The distinctive shape is constructed from a framework of bent timbers covered with fabric. However, across Europe and the US, large numbers of camp-sites now offer these as luxury accommodation. Often these are furnished to a super high spec with extra comfortable double beds and a stove in the centre to keep warm in winter.

If you’re looking for some general inspiration for your next glamping adventure then we would highly recommend searching through which offers a huge number of different glamping rentals from around the globe.

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Florence, Italy

We love Italy and the best place that encapsulates everything that is wonderful about Italia is Florence (or Firenze to use it’s native name).

As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is home to some of the most stunning architecture, sculpture and fine art that that has ever been produced. Away from the culture though you then have the food, the weather and the beautiful Italian landscapes which surround the city. So here’s just a few of the highlights that you can expect to see if you decide to visit:


First and foremost, Florence is a city of architecture. Every where you look around the city historical buildings catch your eye. The skyline is pierced by two marvels of Italian architecture that you won’t be able to miss. The first is the Palazzo Vecchio – the historic political heart of the city. The impressive fortress/palace has been standing since 1299 AD, and looks out onto the Piazza della Signoria.

A short walk away is the dome of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (or duomo for short). Designed by Brunelleschi, it’s an archiectural marvel and is still the largest masonry dome in the world. Although it’s not for the faint hearted tourists can pay to ascend the cathedral steps and walk around the base of the dome for a spectacular view of the city and it’s surroundings.


As with most of Italy the food and drink you can buy is simply stunning. Depending on your budget and tastes, you can get a veritable feast of takeaway foods or enjoy the cuisines in the local restaurants. Often it’s easier to stay away from the tourist hot-spots and head down the side streets to discover some of the best Italian restaurants – all for a cheaper price.

If you’re planning on cooking for yourselves, then head over to the Mercato Centrale which really is a feast for the eyes. From here, you can pick almost every ingredient you can need from delicious Parma hams, freshly baked bread and a delicious array of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The one other location that we have to recommend is Grom, an gelato shop just on the Via del Campanile near the Duomo. It offers the most fantastic variety of ice cream with an incredible selection of different flavours which change each month. Ricotta, black cherries and pistachio is on the menu for the this month!


Of course no visit to Florence would be complete without a visit to the world famous Uffizi gallery.From here you can experience some of the finest works of art by names such as Michaelangelo, Da Vinci and Raphael. It’s possibly most famous for Sandro Botticelli’s paintings; Primavera and The Birth of Venus.

Of course, due to the popularity of the gallery entrance queses are long, so it’s well worth having an early start and getting down there for when it opens.


The other main attractions associated with Florence is of course Michaengelo’s David. The collasal marble statue is housed just north of the centre of the city in the Galleria dell’Accademia. However, if you’d like to avoid the crowds there is a lifesize replica which sits outside the Palazzo Vechio.


There are over 70 churches dotted around the city where you can see some some of the finest architecture and artistis commisions. The most popular church is of course the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore which is as impressive inside as it looks from the outside. Admission is free, although farily busy at times.

An excellent alternative is to visit the Basicalla Santa Maria Novella where, for a small charge, you can comfortably see a lot of the art in a lot more detail, plus you can view the cloisters. The church is also connected to the oldest running pharmacy in the world, where a short walk away from the main cathedral you can see and buy a variety of products – all in the most luxurious settings.


If the hustle and bustle of the tourists get too much for you, then it’s well worth taking a trip south across the River Arno and paying a visit to the Boboli Gardens. The gardens cover over 45k square metres and offer a stunning collection of sculptures all set within the lush peaceful surroundings of the classical Italian gardens. To top it off you can easily see the surrounding Tuscan countryside with it’s tall cypress trees and the rich soil of the fields – making you feel a million miles from home.

This is only just a sample of some of the wonderful things you can do in the city. If you’d like to see more details about what Florence has to offer, or to see some of the stunning surrouding towns in Tuscany head over to the Visit Florence website.

If you fancy heading south to Rome, the capital city of Italy, then click on the link here to see what you can explore.

Suffolk, England

In this months post we’re heading to Suffolk, England – one of the most quintessentially ‘English’ counties that you could find.

If you don’t know where it is Suffolk is located to the North East of London and sits between the counties of Essex to the south and Norfolk to the North. It’s beautifully flat, green and rural and has an attractive 79km coastline looking out into the North Sea.

A visit to the county is sort of like steeping back in time. Every village you pass through is a super mixture of quaint historic cottages and houses all with a village green, church and pub in the centre. Although if you’re planning on visiting then having access to a car is an essential to get about to see all of the fantastic places that the county has to offer.

Here are some of our favorites:

The Suffolk Coastline

Stretching from Corton in the north to Landguard Point in the south the miles of Suffolk coastline can make an ideal day out if you’re looking for a day at the coast. If you’re looking for a typical day out at the goold old English seaside, then head to the towns of Aldeburgh or Southwald.

Aldeburgh is the cultural coastal hot spot in the area. Alongside the Aldeburgh festival founded by Benjamin Britten in 1948, there are a a host of musical and dramatic events happening which take place throughout the year that can inspire and delight. If you want a flavour of what to expect then have a look at this video below from the Centenary Trailer made a few years back:

Meanwhile Southwald offers visitors the historic seaside charm that’s been lost in recent years in other resorts. Your classic buckets & spades, ice cream and fishermans huts. There’s a charming little pier with classic amusements arcades for the kids, and further into the town you have to visit  theAdnams brewery to stock up on some of their famous drinks.

Alternatively if you’re looking for something a little more chilled out then head to Orford. Set in an an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty the coastal village exudes charm and has the most fantastic bakery which won the award of Best Food Producer back in 2012.


A visit to the county wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Sutton Hoo, one of the countries most important archaeological sites. Back in the 1930’s a whole host of treasures from the Anglo-Saxon burial ground were unearthed – including the famous Sutton Hoo helmet.

If you’d like to see a brief overview then there is a video here giving an overview of the history of the site:

Admittedly when you visit  there isn’t a whole lot to see. The actual burial mounds are no more than a few grassy hills, but the National Trust has a brilliant exhibition in place and it is well worth taking one of the tours around the site where you can really begin to appreciate the historic importance of the site.

For something a little more exciting for the kids, then head to Framlingham Castle, which for all intensive purposes is a ‘proper’ castle with moat and all. At the 12th Century fortress you can take a walk around the top of the walls which offers a great view out onto the surrounding countryside as you learn more the exciting history of the castle over the years.

Rural Beauty

Further inland you’ll find the historic hamlet of Flatford. Located on the River Stour it is the setting of the beautiful ‘Haywain’ picture which was painted by John Constable in 1821 and is regarded as one of the most popular pieces of English art.

Although the actual painting is housed in the National Gallery in London, there is still plenty to see here as the quaint cottages and rural landscapes have hardly changed since Constable’s day.

There are a number of small exhibitions and plenty of walks along the River Stour in both directions where you can explore the beautiful countryside that inspired the artist. Otherwise, if you don’t feel like walking you can always hire a row boat and glide along the river in comfort.

If you want to really delve into what England would have looked like hundreds of years ago then you should certainly take a drive over to Lavenham, which is a fine example of a medieval village. Originally gaining it’s wealth off the wool industry each building is a wonderful example of the past. As well as a collection of some beautiful restaurants and traditional tea rooms to dine in, it’s also home to some of the buildings featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, so keep a look out for landmarks!

Whenever you’re travelling to any of the locations do allow some extra time. As many of the roads in the area pass through so many quaint and picture perfect villages, it’s well worth taking the time to stop off at a few, get out and have a look round to see how beautiful some of these places are.

Cropped Image of Aldeburgh | Credit to Squeezyboy | cc

London, UK

A while back we posted about the fantastic museums that London has to offer. As well as being free they make the fantastic day out for anyone looking to spend an afternoon inside whenever the weather isn’t so good.

But as we said there is a whole lot more to London than just the museums, so here we have it, an overview of all the other amazing things you can do in this capital city.

The Best Bits of London

The center of London is where you want to be for whatever you plan to do on your vacation. Trafalgar Square is a great place to start. Away from the National Gallery which overlooks the square, you can see Nelson’s column which stands proudly inbetween the fountains. To the west is the Mall, which if you continue walking up it you’ll reach Buckingham Palace, home to the royal family. If you stand outside the gates at the right time you can see the historic changing of the guard.

Heading southwards from Trafalgar Square will lead you past the important government buildings of the United Kingdom, plus it’s home to Downing Street, home of the Prime Minister. If you carry on you will reach the Thames, and the most iconic building in all London – Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

If you cross the river you’ll reach the Southbank – a fantastic place to relax. If you walk along the river you will come across all sorts of street performers, stalls, bars and restaurants. At Christmas they hold the a great Christmas market here. This area is also home to the London Aquarium and theLondon Eye, which offers the most amazing views of the city as it stretches into the distance. On a good day you can see for over 25 miles.

If you were to carry on down the river you’ll come across the Tate Modern, a home to some bizarre but incredibly impressive modern art. However, if history is more you’re thing then you can cross over the Millenium Bridge to St. Paul’s cathedral.

You could easily spend a day at almost all of these locations so if there a number of things you want to fit in then plan wisely. Getting around London is easy with a day ticket for the London Underground. Try and avoid travelling during rush hour as it can get incredibly busy with commuters leaving the city.

London 2012

The fantastic spectacle that was the London 2012 Olympic Games has now come and gone, but the venues were it was held still make for an excellent day out. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, as it is now called, is home to some excellent sporting venues all set with a huge outdoor area dedictaed to the olympics. From parklands to cafe’s there is plenty to keep you entertained.

The park is also home to the ArcelorMittal Orbit – the tallest sculpture in the UK. If you don’t get the opportunity to go to the London Eye, then you can also ascend the sculpture to a height of 80m to see the London skyline from the observation platform.


The city is often just as lively and fast paced as it is during the day! There are thousands of bars, restaurants and night clubs catering for every budget.

If you’re looking for some variety then head to Covent Garden. As well as a selection excellent of places to eat, it’s always home to some fascinating street performers and other artistic events. And when you are in London you have to visit the West End for a show!

For everything else to start planning your trip to London it is well worth checking out Time Out London which lists all the key things that are happening across the city throughout the year. You won’t be left bored that’s for certain!

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Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide – the capital of South Australia and one heck of a city. It’s one of those places that has often been naturally overshadowed by the cities to the east of Melborne and Sydney. Although they should rightly stand out as being some of the best destinations in Australia it’s Adelaide that caught out attention as it enjoys something of a Renaissance.

The reason for this is that Adelaide was named by Lonely Planet as one of the Top 10 cities to visit in 2014 sitting comfortably between Chicago, USA and Auckland New Zealand. So why should you go? Well, there truly is something for everyone.

Here’s just some of the things you can do…

In the City…

Founded back in 1836 by Colonel William Lightfoot the overall layout of Adelaide was originally designed around a one square mile city centre with plenty of green open spaces. Nowadays although the city has expanded it still retains the natural laid back feel which are now the State Heritage Listed Parklands.

Originally known as the ‘City of Churches’ the old image of Adelaide is forever gone as it now boasts and electic mix of arts and culture – not to mention the excellent food and drink is on the menu from some of the leading restaurants.

As well as the day-to-day cafe culture, you can also expect the city each March to go wild for ‘Womadaladie’ the outdoor music festival which offers an amazing family friendly variety of music, food and dance.

If you want to see some highlights of the festival plus everything else this amazing city has to offer then you have to check out this video:

Out & About

If you fancy heading out of the city for a spot of relaxation then venturing into the Adelaide hills is the perfect option.

Wine tasters will love the Barossa valley located roughly 60km north east of the city. It’s  home to some world class vineyards and wineries. As well as exploring the fantastic landscapes which produce the perfect vintage, then there are plenty of places where you can sample a bottle or two. Plus if you come along at the right time of year you can head to the Barossa Gourmet Event to bring some of the gastronomic delights all together in one place.

Island Paradise

Almost always mentioned in the same breath as Adelaide is the fabled Kanagaroo Island. Although it’s a short flight or ferry ride across the ocean it’s well worth making it part of your vacation.

Alternatively there is more than enough to do here to make it the base for your whole stay. Naturally there is an abundance of amazing wildlife; everything from sea lions and seals to koala’s and of course kangaroo’s can be seen here.

It’s truly a place to get away from it all. However, if you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury experience  then we would have to recommend Southern Ocean Lodge which offers the most exquisite accommodation, fine dining and activities – all in a dramatic clifftop setting. Plus, did we mention that it’s rated as this year’s 4th best hotel – in the world by travel and leisure.

If you want to see what you’re missing out on then take a look at this video of Kangaroo Island from Lonely Planet here:

In fact if you just watched that then it well worth just spending some time browsing through some of the videos on the Australian tourism YouTube page which holds an undoubtedly stunning collection of visual beauty that will have you booking flights to the country the moment you can peel your eyes away from the gorgeous landscapes shown in the videos.

So with such an awesome mixture of good weather, food, drink, wildlife, landscapes and culture, how could you not visit?

Just head over to their channel here.

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Rome, Italy

Rome – the eternal city. The capital of Italy and certainly one of the best destinations in the world.

If you fancy a city break then this certainly is the place to come, but be warned – if you want to fit even a fraction of everything Rome has to offer in you’re going to be in for a whirlwind of a trip.


There are so many different and amazing places to explore in Rome. Walking down just some of the regular streets is a treat. With the beautiful architecture and hidden side-streets you could easily spend hours juts wandering around the city exploring

The vast majority of the places to see in Rome are connected with its ancient history when the city was the capital of the Roman Empire which covered most of Europe. Head to the centre of the city to the east of the River Tiber and you can walk around the old Forum which sits next to the Colosseum – one of Rome’s most distinguishable landmarks.

Although very little remains you can take a short walk along to the Circus Maximus, and slightly further on is the Baths of Caracalla. These impressive ruins are definitely worth a visit where you can learn about the massive lesire complex which once could have held 1,600 bathers at a time.

Away from ancient history there are a number of other places which should definitely be on your iteniarry. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Spanish Steps and the Trevvi Fountain just to name a few. All of the main attractions in Rome are wihtin walking distance from one another, but depending on how much you have planned you could always take the metro to make travelling easier.


There are over 900 churches around the city which you could explore. However, crossing into the Vatican is certainly the place to visit first. Walking around St. Peter’s basillica is awe-inspiring and it still remains the largest church in the world. As well as visiting the Sistine Chapel to see the exquisite ceiling painted by Michelangelo it is well worth taking the time to visit the Vatican museums which boast an array of objects from throughout the history of Rome.


Italy is of course known for it’s delightful culinary wonders. Although the most popular are still pizza, pasta and ice cream, these foodstuffs are in a league of their own in Italy. For ice cream there are so many places to choose from but here in Rome they make ice cream an art form. Why not check outDella Palma on the Via della Maddalena which boasts over 150 different flavors to choose from!

As for evening meals there is the most fantastic pizzeria here. It’s been serving food since 1888 so they certainly know a thing or two about Italian food.


If you’re looking for antidote to the frenetic pace of the city then why not hop on the train for a trip to Ostia? The ancient harbour city of Rome is a beautiful and often quiet archaeological site where you can explore the entire town. You can simply wander through the ancient houses and buildings to see what life must have been like in days gone by.

Alternatively, there are whole host of other picturesque places you can visit by train. Head north and you’ll reach the stunning city of Siena, whilst heading south for a few hours you can explore the ancient ruins of Pompeii. Although they’re certainly long day trips it’s more than possible to see them during a vacation to Rome.

So, are you going to be packing your suitcase any time soon? If you want to check out some other stunning parts of Italy then have a read through our post on Florence; the birthplace of the Renaissance.

The Museums of London

Originally we were just going to write a post about London. There is however, such a huge variety of different amazing things to do in the capital, we just can’t cover them all in a single post. So this one is going to be all about the museums of London. Even this though is too broader topic so we’re narrowing it down even further to just five of our favourites. You can easily spend the day exploring any of the great museums, and if you really want to see everything they have to offer you’ll need to come back multiple times. Whether it’s just way to spend a rainy afternoon, or you’re a dedicated fan of all things historical then these museums are for you. And the best bit? They’re all totally free to enter (although after seeing some of the artefacts on display) it’s more than likely that you will want to make a donation. So here’s our choices:

The British Museum

Location: Great Russel Street, WC1B 3DG | Closest Tube Station: Tottenham Court Road There’s a reason why the British Museum is the most visited visitor attraction in the UK; it’s amazing. That word, amazing, gets overused, too often but in this instance it’s the perfect word. The BM as it’s known houses artefacts from virtually all of human history, across the world. It’s quite something to travel right across time and space in a single day. Standout objects in the collections include the Rosetta Stone, a statue from Easter Island, or the Elgin marbles. Plus, the galleries of Egyptian mummies are always hugely popular attractions for the kids. Instead of the traditional dry and boring museums that you get elsewhere the BM is an incredibly slick operation at the forefront of academic research. Simply wandering through the galleries at random is always a delight as you never know what you’ll find. And if that isn’t enough there are normally one to two major exhibitions that take place each year. With a host of different treausres to learn about there it’s definitely worth organisiing your trip around these. For more details check out the British Museum Website.

The National Gallery

Location: Trafalgar Square, WC2N 5DN | Closest Tube Station: Charing Cross Located in heart of central London, it’s worth going to the National Gallery just for the arrival. Looking out across the Trafalgar square past the fountains and Nelson’s column, you get a great view of London as it stretches down to the Thames. Inside, the National Gallery is home to some of the greatest paintings in the world. Divided into different historical eras you can simply wander past some of beautiful pictures from all corners of the planet. When you’re suddenly able to get up close and personal with works by Monet, Vermerr, Durer, Titian – just to name a few. It’s also the home of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. If you can’t get there though you can always see the gallery online through their virtual tours. If that isn’t enough art for you then just next door is the National Portrait Gallery. Again it could be another day out in itself, but is a wonderful experience by seeing the famous faces of years gone by. More details at the National Gallery Website.

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A)

Location: Cromwell Road, SW7 2RL | Closest Tube Station: South Kensington The V&A is one of those fantastic museums where you never know what you’re going to see next. The museum which bills itself as ‘the world’s greatest art and design museum’ boasts a super eclectic range of paintings, sculpture and objects that can have you looking at the architecture of the Islamic Middle East in one gallery, and then there’s a collection of 1940’s knitting patterns in the next. All in all, you’ll never know what you’re going to see next! With an impressive range of exhibitions which sell out fast, there’s an equally impressive restaurant which is designed to give a 1920’s period feel, where occasionally you’ll find someone playing the piano whilst you enjoy a cup of tea and slice of cake. Special mention also has to go to the cast courts; a gargantuan room full of impressions of sculptures from around the world, with everything from Trajan’s column to the sculptures of medieval European churches. It’s always fairly quiet so ideal if you want to escape some of the hustle and bustle of the busier galleries. More information a the V&A Website.

Natural History Museum

Location: Cromwell Road, SW7 5BD | Closest Tube Station: South Kensington Only a short walk away from the V&A is the Natural History Museum – a far more family friendly, hands-on kind of place. It seems to have inspired generations of children to learn more about dinosaurs and has a stunning range of plants, animals and dinosaurs. There’s plenty of things for the kids to play with, and if you want to see research in action then the Darwin Centre located at the back of the building is the place to go. As well as the star attraction of the Diplodocus in the main hall, it’s well worth walking around past the life size model of the Blue Whale, which shows you there impressive size. If you really want to give your kids something to remember, then the museum also runs a select few ‘Dino-snore’ events throughout the year where your kids can attend a sleepover event at the museum! More details at the Natural History Museum Website.

The Science Museum

Location: Exhibition Road, SW7 2DD | Closet Tube Station: South Kensington Covering all aspects of science and technology, The Science Museum is a fantastic day out if you have kids with you. Covering everything from steam rockets and spaceships to DNA and psychology you’ll definitely learn something here. There a huge number of interactive games and attractions to play around with, both for kids and big kids. Plus there are plenty of diverse exhibitions on throughout the year if you want to learn more. After leaving there’s plenty of games and tools on their website to carry on learning. It’s definitely a really inspirational space. More details the Science Museum Website. Photo credit to Misko | cc